Alex Colville


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Edited by Andrew Hunter

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This volume honours the legacy of iconic Canadian artist Alex Colville and explores the reverberations between his work and that of contemporary filmmakers, writers and artists. Featuring more than 100 reproductions, Colville includes works from museums and private collections across Canada. It spans the entirety of Colville’s career and contains many images that have never before been reproduced or shown publicly, as well as his most iconic paintings, including Horse and Train (1954), To Prince Edward Island (1965), Woman in Bathtub (1973) and Target Pistol and Man (1980). It also contains Colville Comics, an eight-page work by Canadian cartoonish Dave Collier. Exhaustively researched and richly realized, Collier’s comic explores the personal struggles of Colville and his family, Colville’s time at war, and the public reception of his art, all the while interweaving the cartoonist’s own biography.

“At the window, the sound of waves crashing on the beach has a rhythm, and that rhythm has momentum, and as you close your eyes, that sound begins to vibrate; it blurs into a heavy pulsing sound of wheels pounding over the gaps in the steel rails. It passes. You hear the wind rush through the tall dry marsh grass, feel it pull at your clothes, drawing you inland, after the dark horse, and the girl keeps watching. Hear that lonesome whistle blow. The sound peaks, it becomes a cry, and it hurts. It is the last thing you will ever and always hear.” — excerpt from curator Andrew Hunter’s essay “Welcome to Colville”

Andrew Hunter is an accomplished curator, artist, writer and educator. He is the Fredrik S. Eaton Curator, Canadian Art, at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Hunter has held curatorial positions at the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, the Kamloops Art Gallery, the University of Waterloo, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection and Charlottetown’s Confederation Centre Art Gallery. With Lisa Hirmer, he co-founded DodoLab, an international program of community collaboration and interdisciplinary creative research. He has lectured on curatorial practice in Canada, the United States, England, China and Croatia.

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